Great health and safety programs require
great health and safety software!

Reduce Administrative Burdens.

Univerus Health and Safety will free up the administrative time associated with your Health and Safety Program, ensuring your senior managers, health and safety professionals and supervisors are spending their efforts focusing on implementation, sustainability, and improvement.

A Complete and Customizable Solution.

Implementing new software can be intimidating – but not with Univerus Health and Safety! The software provides robust tools, ranging from innovative dashboards, document control, risk assessments and more. Whether you want to build off an existing program or are starting from scratch, our intuitive health and safety management software is developed to offer a seamless transition.

Your Safety is our Mission

Highest Standards

Our team is comprised of experts in Health and Safety Program creation, as well as software development, management, and more! Our vast experience and decorated backgrounds allow Univerus to set the highest industry standard, which translates into our product.

Prioritized Customer Support

Your journey with Univerus doesn’t end on the other side of implementation. We believe in building long-lasting relationships, which means that our customer support team is always available to ensure you get the most out of your Health and Safety Management Solution.

Valued Partnerships

To be the best in the business, it’s important to offer integrations with those that excel in their field as well. Univerus has built strategic partnerships with organizations that can best support our customers with mission critical tasks required to run their successful operations!