Every job site and work area exposes employees to unique and varying hazards, and if these hazards are not identified and assessed correctly serious incidents can occur as a result. Often consistent processes and procedures for identification and assessment are not present and leave employees and contractors without the tools needed to maintain high levels of safety awareness. Even when hazards are identified and assessed the information is not shared or available to others within the organization that can either help mitigate the risks identified, or make those aware of the hazards when performing similar activities.

To protect employees, no matter where they are working, clear and consistent workflow needs to be followed in order to identify, assess, and mitigate newly identified, and known, hazards. Subject matter experts need tools to allow them to reassess risks on a regular basis to ensure risks are updated as environments and equipment change. Equipment, facilities, and work sites must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Employees performing hazardous tasks must have access to up-to-date procedures, policies, manuals, and have the assurance that crew members are licensed and certified to the correct standards.

This is no small task and managing all of these elements would take a team of safety experts and administrators, unless organizations adopt software tools to manage and administer your health & safety program. Univerus Health & Safety Software does all this and more, while reducing the administrative burden and offering superior visibility into your health & safety program performance. If you feel that Univerus Health and Safety is the software your team needs, book a demo at the top of our page today.

Great health & safety programs require great health & safety software!