Keeping employees safe and healthy is critical to any organization. Unfortunately, not all organizations have the resources or expertise to implement, manage, and keep up with the daily administration of a robust health and safety program. The results of not staying on top of health and safety obligations and best practice can be devastating to individual employees as well as the organization as a whole. Many organizations don’t have the tools needed to keep employees aware of their health and safety obligations, notify supervisors when tasks fall behind, and provide managers with the visibility to ensure health and safety goals are being met.

Managing health & safety programs effectively requires everyone (management, supervisors, and employees) to be aware of their role and responsibilities with respect to their job function and execute the daily activities that are required by law and best practices. So what does this translate into for most organizations?

  • Performing regular inspections and creating corrective actions as needed.
  • Conduct worker observations to ensure work is being performed safely.
  • Investigate concerns and complaints.
  • Monitor and follow up on corrective actions.
  • Understand hazards and controls within the department.
  • Report risks to senior management if they cannot be mitigated by supervisors.
  • Ensure workers are adequately trained.
  • Conduct regular safety talks.

How do you manage and monitor this without breaking the bank?

The solution is software automation, giving you the ability to implement, manage, and monitor all these activities at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Compliance Science is a system that can provide your organization the necessary tools and features to actively promote, track, and monitor your health and safety program. Being able to track KPIs allows your organization to set new standards and goals, and  report performance improvements over time. Compliance Science provides tools for users to report hazards and incidents that occur in the workplace and ensures corrective actions are tracked and monitored. The system also allows your organization to schedule and track safety meetings, training programs, policies, procedures, inspections, risk assessments, work observations and more. If this sounds like a solution that could benefit your organization, feel free to visit our website to book a demo.