Customizable Program Development.

Offering programs to your team is one of the best ways to improve engagement and ensure employees are aware of policies and procedures. If you have an existing training program, Univerus Health and Safety can audit and offer suggestions for improvement. If you are interested in developing your own program, the HSE software offers prebuilt, industry specific programs as well as consultative services with industry experts.

Ongoing Support. Ongoing Success.

The Univerus team believes there is always room for improvement and strives to support customers meeting their goals. We implement our “best practice” approach to support any standard or regulatory requirement our customer wants to enforce. Our experts will monitor each program’s performance over time to ensure they are on-track to providing our customer’s team with the best information possible.

Program Examples.

Policies & Procedures

Harness comprehensive tests and programs to increase engagement when outlining your company’s policies and procedures.

Orientation & Onboarding

Ensure your new hires start off on the right foot by implementing thorough and engaging onboarding programs, that can be easily tracked.

Online Tests

Ensure your workforce remains safe by offering online tests for your staff to brush up on their knowledge in a secure and simple manner.

Certificates and

Guarantee that your staff have all their certifications and licenses up to date through your HSE software.

Content Reviews and Distribution

Offer refresher courses on necessary content, keeping your staff up-to-date with safety protocols.

Employee & Process Evaluations

Develop standardized employee feedback programs to deliver an equal and streamlined evaluation process.