End-to-End Health and Safety Management.

Univerus Health and Safety offers a wide scope of next-gen features that allow organizations to develop leading Health and Safety Programs unique to their business. Harness the power of HSE software that empowers you to:

  • Protect your employees from workplace hazards and incidents
  • Protect your organization from liability, increased fines, and insurance rates
  • Increase efficiency by removing the administrative burden of managing your Health and Safety Program
  • Gain visibility into your Health & Safety Program performance
  • Measure, consolidate and report on key leading and lagging indicators

HSE Software that Manages:

Hazard Identification /
Risk Assessment

Quickly identify under mitigated risks and make resourcing decisions, while harnessing automations such as templates and training reminders.

Training /
Certification Programs

Univerus Health and Safety supports web based and classroom training on all media types and enables training to be distributed based on employee positions. It also offers reports for all organizational levels.

Facility /
Equipment Inspections

Schedule a year of inspections in advance to guarantee obligations are met, while assigning individuals or groups to tasks. Spawn inspection findings, create containment tasks and assignments directly, and more!

Equipment Maintenance

We provide management tools to ensure all of your operational equipment is maintained and remains safe to use.

Incident Reporting

If an incident does occur, our software allows you to accurately capture all details and manage incident investigations with ease.

Corrective Actions

Create tasks and subtask assignments too drive completion, while automating task notifications to those who need to participate. Univerus Health and Safety also allows you to manage progress, timing and much more!

Safety Observations /
Site Visits

Have a site visit coming up? Univerus’ Health and Safety Management Software allows you to create work safety observations from your mobile device, collect crew member information, and report on KPIs.

Regulatory Compliance

Map your system activities to your regulations and standards, while determining gaps in your implementation and how to fill them. Univerus Health and Safety allows you to report on a variety of regulatory KPIs and many more!

Safety Meetings /
Toolbox Talks

Transcribe meeting minutes, collect feedback and create actionable items during safety meetings directly from your dashboard.

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