A Necessary Component.

Without the right tools, health & safety management systems fail. Supervisors are often unaware or unable to manually fulfill their legal and regulatory requirements. This is where Univerus Health and Safety comes in! Our software provides the full set of tools necessary for Health and Safety Programs to succeed.

Mobile and Desktop Enabled.

Univerus Health and Safety has developed a next-gen, easy-to-use mobile app in addition to its HSE software desktop offering. Accessibility anywhere enables staff to stay up to date with changing requirements, programs, documents, training and more. It also guarantees site visits to be more efficient than ever!

A Commitment To Safety.

All organizations are required by law to ensuring the health and safety of their employees. While there are many ways to do this, using a software like Univerus Health and Safety makes it easier than ever and guarantees the execution of effective Health and Safety Program. Our cost-effective and user-friendly HSE software relieves managers of tedious administrative burdens, while protecting employees and businesses alike.

A Safer Workplace in a Few Easy Steps.


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Efficiently manage your workforce while reducing stress and administrative burden with leading HSE software support.